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Scanning some old family slides

Whenever any old family photos are up for grabs I usually try to get them and over the years I've accumulated numerous old prints and slides. Recently I had another couple of batches of slides which I wanted to go through. An assortment of slide boxes Even more slide boxes The snag is that I don't have an easy way of viewing them. Somewhere in the attic I have an old Bell & Howell slide projector, the type that takes one slide at a time but I don't know if it works. With one of the slide batches there was a Halina slide viewer. Halina 531 Slide Viewer However the viewer did not work. Opening it up I found the original batteries were still inside and very corroded. These were replaced but it is still not working. Possibly it may need a new bulb or there may be a problem with it making a circuit, more diagnosis needed. So for the moment I'm holding the slides up to a light for an approximate initial idea of what is on them (may soon be time for a d