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Digital pinhole photography

Digital pinhole photography is something I've not tried my hand at for some time so I thought I would refresh my mind, go back over some old notes and give it a try with my current gear. I wanted to answer two questions; would it be better/different with a newer higher spec camera and would it look different processing through Capture One rather than Lightroom. Below are some old notes reposted along with updates to address my two new questions. My pinhole set-up I have a simple low cost pinhole adapter based on a modified body-cap type design which fits my Canon EF mount DSLRs. These adapters are readily available for most popular camera mounts. Pinhole adapter DSLR with pinhole adapter fitted instead of lens The focal length was quoted as 42mm (NB almost the same as the Canon EF flange distance which is 44mm) with an aperture of 0.25mm (not easy to confirm). These two parameters give a relative aperture of f168 (by dividing 42 by 0.25). With the long exposur