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Browning Recon Force Edge Trail Camera

Seeing some recent hedgehog activity prompted me to setup an old trail cam that had not been used in sometime. The resulting footage from the old trail cam could have been better quality and so this prompted the purchase of a new trail cam, the Browning Recon Force Edge . Here I'll outline the issues with the old trail cam, the factors in the selection of the new one and how it has performed so far. Still from Browning video - Hedgehog Back in 2018 I reviewed my new Victure HC200 trail cam , a no-glow IR unit that I would describe as cheap and cheerful ( still available, the current variant is now about £60 ). It did the job in detecting what was moving about but it was awkward to setup, image quality was poor and USB file transfers were painfully slow. With these factors in mind I looked for a new trail cam that might deliver better image quality and generally be better all round. It didn't seem to make much sense to pay for a 4k camera when it would mostly be shooting in the