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A monitor for photo editing that you can also play games on

I last swapped monitors back in 2015 and at that time I placed my emphasis on colour accuracy, looking for a wide-gamut monitor that could be easily calibrated. My choice back then was an Eizo Coloredge CX271 which claimed to show up to 98% of AdobeRGB. It had a 27 inch screen with QHD at 2560 x 1440 resolution, running at 60Hz via a DisplayPort and in my case being driven by an Nvidia GTX 1080. Over the years this proved an excellent choice, I had been very happy with it (the only little problem in later years had been some occasional flickering of the screen on and off which looked to be due to a loose connector on the old display port cable). However, like many people, my PC is used for more than photo editing and one of these is game playing. With advances in graphic card (GPU) capabilities it seemed like it was finally time to jump up to 4k resolution and to look for higher refresh rates with supporting technologies such as G-Sync (where the monitor synchronises it's frame rat