Ardnamurchan Winter

After spending a week in Ardnamurchan here is a condensed selection of my 'best' photographs taken. I'll start with my personal favourite, an image of Loch Shiel with the M.V. Sileas in the distance, I've used negative space to emphasise the cloud pattern as a reflection in the calm water, taken at the southern end of this popular loch (Glenfinnan and the 'Harry Potter' viaduct are located at the north end).

Loch Shiel

I never seem to be as satisfied with colour images but I did like this one which is shot slightly contre-jour to reveal the cold winter branches along with the warm colours of the old ferns in the foreground.

Winter, Ariundle National Nature Reserve

Having very carefully framed this image I found the resulting composition graphic but possibly a little too busy with this photograph of Loch Shiel, which proved my most popular on social media

Loch Shiel with M.V. Sileas

For EXIF data on these photographs and for other photographs taken in the Ardnamurchan area please see my Ardnamurchan Flickr Album here:


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