Capture One 21 Pro upgrade

I've recently upgraded my version of Capture One Pro from 12 to 21, this has been a relatively painless and straightforward upgrade.


Capture One 21 Pro splash screen

Please note that this was only a jump of two major versions though it may seem more from the numbering. So after version 12 came version 20 (build 13) and then followed by version 21 (build 14).


Capture One 21 Pro About screen


My decision to upgrade was prompted by a planned move from X-T1 to X-T4 for my Fuji shooting, to handle the raw files from an X-T4 requires a newer version of COP than 12 so hence the upgrade. I had two basic upgrade options:

  1. Wait for the next new version. Probably out in the new year but feature list unknown, likely to be full price and possibly with a few bugs initially.
  2. Buy the current version when Phase One run there next promotion offer. This gives me a new version without undue delay, a tried and tested stable version and a lower cost.

I chose the latter option and picked up an upgrade license for £120. Although I wanted the raw support for the newer cameras (COP 21 Cameras Supported List here) the new software gives me two new major releases worth of new features.

For more details of those new features see:

I'm just getting familiar with the new software but so far no problems and looks like I'll benefit from a few of the new features.


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